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Private, Personalized Coaching Sessions, in person or phone, as well as my

 "MORE TO LIFE! Go from Surviving to THRIVING"

90-and 180-day Stress Relief Program


"Kelley has been a tremendous source of encouragement, wisdom, support, validation and guidance during a very challenging time in my life. She is just the kind of person I can say anything to and know that she truly understands me. She encouraged me to not be so hard on myself, and give myself room to play and do what feels good to me. I honestly didn’t realize how much of an impact our time together would have upon my life until I looked back at the place I was when we started. So much has changed in my life as a result of her loving support, which has empowered ME to examine my ingrained thoughts and self-talk, and move more fully into my authentic self. Her quiet wisdom has been invaluable to me and has made so much difference in how I approach my life on a daily basis."-Gail

“Kelley’s coaching and guided meditations are a true gift. She helps you get to a space of true calmness and love where you can listen to your body and what it is saying. After talking to her you truly feel love and peace for yourself, which allows for magnificent healing.” -Juliet

“Kelley has been my stress relief coach and I am absolutely delighted with the improvements in my life. She authentically ‘walks her talk’ and has fresh and innovative recommendations. It’s like talking with a compassionate, inspirational, and supportive friend. I love the guided meditations! They brought our conversations to a new level. Kelley lets you know how much she believes in you, that you can alter your behavior if you desire by taking gradual turtle steps, and she is there to guide and support you every step of the way. I have personally experienced the healing effects of our time together. Wait until you experience her coaching office space…talk about serene!” -Patrice

"I have been working with Kelley as my coach for the better part of a year now, and I am so grateful that one of my friends who was coaching with Kelley recommended her to me. She is open, has an incredible gift of being present, and has an amazing memory about what we discuss in our coaching sessions together. Kelley always helps me to see the positive in whatever is going on in my life. Also, and perhaps this is what I enjoy the most, Kelley asks really intriguing questions that make me think. The trails that I follow in answering those questions always lead me to new understandings within myself." -Karen

“Kelley was instrumental in helping me during a particularly stressful time in my life, and I am so grateful. She is both a compassionate listener and an insightful coach - who partners with her clients to manage stress and make solid progress toward realizing one’s dreams. Coaching is much more than a job for Kelley; her purpose in life is to help others and I felt that warmth every time we met!” -Alison

"I'm in awe of Kelley's innate ability to see the whole picture. As a coach she is incredibly easy to talk to and I've enjoyed and benefited greatly from our coaching sessions. She has a positive outlook on life, but fully understands its difficulties and pain. Kelley uses vision mapping tools and makes goals tangible and achievable. I've never left her beautiful ‘office’ (her private, Hawaiian-like, serene backyard) without feeling better about my life. She understands, gives me hope, and I always look forward to our next coaching session. It doesn't get any better than that!" -Pat

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