What are You Taking A Stand For?

Hello friends from Seeking Serenity Coaching and Kelley Wolfe Photography! I wanted to share a fun stretch challenge I was given this month!

I have an upcoming and very exciting Women’s Entrepreneurship Retreat, and as preparation I was given a challenge to create and deliver a Facebook video on the topic of “What Am I Taking A Stand For?” I am grateful for the opportunity to share what inspires and lights me up. 

Many of you know that I lost three family members in 2016, and last year took three leaps of faith: quitting my corporate job, and launching my Life Coaching and Nature Photography businesses. As a life coach I am passionate about providing support to my clients in navigating the stressors in their life so they can feel more hope, freedom and peace. I believe in cultivating deep connections with my clients based on respect, kindness and compassion. As interconnected human beings, it is vital we feel listened to, heard, understood, and appreciated. By asking thought provoking questions and listening deeply to their responses I learn how satisfied and fulfilled my clients are in their current life, what they feel is missing, and what their greatest dreams and desires are.

I often find that people have lost track of their ‘essential’ self, which is the uniqueness we are born with, due to trauma or socialization by culture and family expectations. It is incredibly painful to be split off from who we really are and it can feel like we are living two lives—the one we feel we ‘have’ to live to pay the bills and the one our heart and dreams tell us we want to be living. I encourage and inspire my clients to reclaim their essential self by connecting to their mind, body and spirit, as well as listening to and trusting their intuition, in order to live more balanced and happier lives.

As a Nature Photographer, I am passionate about sharing the incredible depth and beauty of nature. My website has photos of wild horses, hummingbirds, forest scenes, sunsets and other fun images from my travels. I would be honored if you’d check out my nature photos at www.kelleywolfephotography.com.

I’m curious what moves in you when you hear the question “What Are You Taking A Stand For?”, and hope this has inspires you to ponder this important question in your life.

I appreciate your time and interest, and wish you an awesome day!