Happy 2018!!!


What a year 2017 was! The loss of three of my family members in 2016 was profound for me. I realized that there are no guarantees in life and because we never know how much time we have left on this earth, I was motivated to take some major leaps of faith. In the spring I quit my corporate job to return to being an entrepreneur again, a world I had sorely missed. I realized my 15-year goal of becoming a Life Coach and because I want to help others find the peace that we all need in our lives I named it Seeking Serenity Coaching. In addition, last month my nature photography site (www.kelleywolfephotography.com) went live with ready to order photographs for your home or office of awe inspiring sunsets, forest scenes, a Hawaiian sea turtle, flowers in bloom, butterflies, and wild horses, with more being added as they are created.  

In 2017 I had life changing experiences, made deep heartfelt connections with an incredible support network of friends who I feel like I have known all my life, and loved partnering in each and every journey with my amazing clients. I was fortunate to travel to really fun places for conferences and family time (San Luis Obispo, two conferences in Santa Barbara, Sacramento, Hawaii, two trips to Portland, Ohio, Wyoming, Disneyland, and explorations around my breathtaking state of Arizona).

I think it is important for us all to focus on one or two motivational ideas each year. My two key words for 2017 were “Healing” (personal) and “Courage” (professional). For 2018, my themes are “Health” and “Deep Connection.”

I am forever grateful to my husband and closest friends and family for their understanding, encouragement, and support for my big leaps. I am beyond excited to see what 2018 brings for us all!! I am always open and delighted to connect with you, so feel free to email me at kelleywolfecoaching@gmail.com. Happy New Year!