Oh The Joys of Spring!!


Welcome to May! Perhaps like many of you, February, March, and April rushed by me in a blur. If you have been spreading your wings these last few months as I advised in my last Blog, you know the rush and personal satisfaction of flying towards what you most wish for. This flight analogy for growth has been very real for me lately. As I alluded to in my January Blog, 2016 was a challenging year for me. Largely, it was due to three deaths in my family. Those losses have helped me focus on the truly important elements in life. More than ever I am determined to find fulfillment and achieve my goals.

In March I turned thought into reality when I took a leap of faith and resigned from my corporate job for three main reasons. Family is everything to me and the losses I experienced last year have brought into focus what is essential in life. I want to use some of this new freedom to spend quality time with my parents. Secondly, I knew in my heart that my true assets and interpersonal skills were not being utilized in my job. But the most exciting reason is to realize my fifteen-year dream of becoming a certified Life Coach. I am thrilled to share my talents and abilities to help others follow their dreams. Since resigning I have worked every day to continue my training, attend seminars and conferences, coach clients, and receive coaching myself. I am learning new strategies and tools and have received valuable feedback from my teachers and fellow coaches. It has been a whirlwind but I could not be happier because all this activity and preparation will allow me to complete my long-awaited personal transformation.

If you recall, in January’s Blog I mentioned that “transformation” was the one word I chose to encapsulate the year to come. It absolutely has been the appropriate word for me so far. It is described as a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance. To me, it speaks of promise and achievement. I aim to keep the existing, positive elements in my personality and my life and blossom into the “me” that I have always aspired to become is exhilarating.

As mentioned on my website, the dragonfly is my logo because it is the perfect image for this energizing transformation. On the learnaboutnature.com website, it is stated that in most cultures the dragonfly symbolizes change. More specifically, dragonflies represent an evolution in our perspective and increased self-realization. The kind of change being referred to has its source in mental and emotional maturity and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life.

The website goes on to point out that most of the dragonfly’s life is spent as a naiad in the water. After it metamorphoses, it only flies for a few short months before it reproduces and dies. That the adult dragonfly accomplishes so much in such a short time in the air gives me hope that we all can do what we really want to do in our too-short lives. Like most animals, it is apparent that a dragonfly is always “here and now.” The style of life that a dragonfly lives exemplifies the virtue of living in the moment and living life to the fullest without fear.

Who has not marveled at the shimmering metallic colors and the amazing acrobatic displays of dragonflies? They have always enchanted me and I have often sensed there were many lessons to be learned from them and their amazing flying skills. One reason they are so adept in flight is their amazing vision. Their compound eyes allow them to see in almost every direction except directly behind them. Wouldn’t we all benefit if we could expand our vision in a similar fashion? It is no wonder so many cultures have been captivated by them. In so many ways they symbolize growth, being empowered, and poise.

The basic lesson is this: if a naiad can patiently exist in the world of water for years, transform itself into a beautiful dragonfly, and then master flight, then surely we can keep the best of our own personalities while transforming into the person that we have always dreamed of becoming. These concepts of flight, freedom, and transformation are not mere metaphor; I truly know we can live our dreams and fly.

Spread your wings and enjoy this dynamic spring season!