Happy New Year!


Welcome back to my blog…it is officially 2017!

2016 was a challenging year for many, including myself, but there were definite highlights that helped me get through which reminded me of the preciousness and beauty of life. Even in difficult years there is much to be grateful for, and our awareness of this certainly helps brighten our days on this earth. It has been startling to realize during the holiday break from work how those days flew by. Other than the extra time for holiday activities, this undoubtedly was from being in the flow of my deepest loves and passions. One of my primary goals of this time off was to get back to quality sleep of at least 8 hours. For the most part it worked so the key for me this year is to continue developing these good habits while adding the work component back in.

What does 2017 have in store for you, and what are your goals? First on my list, is being more present. I took a free online mindfulness based stress reduction course in 2016 and I intend to continue my focus on being more present. I find when I am in that space, if I then ask myself a simple question about any issue on my mind, “Will this really matter in a year?” the answer becomes clear and obvious. The beauty of tending to the present moment is that thoughts from our past and the future are inconsequential, and it helps to keep our minds from running into areas we cannot control.

Second, I would like to look back 6 months or a year from now and feel like I have learned to be an even kinder, gentler soul. Being compassionate and kind to others is too rare in our society, but simple acts of kindness make us realize how important it is to giver and receiver. Here in my local community Tucson has an awesome campaign motto “Keep Tucson Kind.” While some people see it as only a slogan on a bumper sticker, in reality it is a great way to continually remind the world to strive for more intentional kindness. I look forward to being more of service this year, including helping my clients feel more hope in their lives, and have a fresh sense of their purpose in this world.

Third, I intend to continue the forgiveness work I continued in 2016. I remind myself that I have come a million miles but still look down that road and know that there are more miles to tread.

Fourth, to remind myself it is not what we do once in a while (oh the comfort of our once a year family Christmas cookies and sour cream coffee cake) but what we do on a daily basis that really matters. Our good habits, although they may take a few weeks to establish, are critically important to getting where we desire to be.

Fifth, I would like to dig even deeper into stress management for myself and my clients. I was reminded how far I have come when hearing the news that my daughter had a debilitating migraine toward the end of her holiday break. After personally grappling with migraines for many years I have learned if I can stay in tune to my stress level and take important self-care steps, their occurrence has mostly been eliminated. I look back at 2016 and see my tendency to overdo was in full swing. My desire this year is for more time ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’. As I look at what I am taking on in 2017 I have another ambitious schedule planned with major goals, so this will likely continue to be an important issue to address.

I am so grateful for all of you. I have learned through my life’s trials and tribulations that what is most important is our closest relationships. I have been fortunate to have spent the holiday season with loved ones. If 2016 taught me anything it’s that life is too short, and that having a plan with small daily steps to realize our deepest and truest dreams gives us hope that we can make a difference in other people’s lives every day.

It is quite clear that we all are a bit exhausted from the bad news and deaths of many well-know people last year, but I sense many good things are in store for us in 2017. My advice is to wipe the slate clean, let go of the difficulties of the past year, and remember that anything is possible if we have the right attitude and are open to taking action. It is empowering to consider that we can make different life choices.  A recent Facebook posting asked readers to cite what one word describes the year to come. Without any hesitation, I responded with “transformation.”  I will share more on this in a future blog.

Nature has always been a great catalyst for thinking and for growth. All of us can benefit from the lessons we can find in Nature. One of my resolutions is to spend more time outdoors in 2017. I yearn for more creativity in my life and I want to spread my wings and experience more freedom. My wish is that all of you will be able to enjoy more of what you desire in your life this year. Our time here is precious; make it count. I would very much like to partner with you to help you achieve your transformation.

Happy New Year and Enjoy the flight!